Application Process

Procedure for Malta's Citizenship by Investment application

We set-out below the steps of the process of applying for Maltese citizenship:

  1. Application preparation and submission (main applicant and dependents)
  2. Payment of an initial deposit of €10.000 towards the €650.000 contribution, due diligence and passport fees
  3. Processing of application and due diligence checks
  4. Issuance of letter of approval of application
  5. Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund (within 25 days)
  6. Investment in financial instruments and fulfill the property requirements
  7. Complete the residence requirements
  8. Certificate of naturalisation is issued 12 months after the date on the residence permit
  9. Maltese passports are issued

We generally advise clients that the process is expected to take up to 12 months to obtain citizenship of Malta after the application is submitted to the Government of Malta.

For more information on Malta's citizenship by invesment programme please contact us.